Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

YEAR 2022

65) Kulwinder Kaur, Riya Wadhwa , Anupam Ghosh, Nisika, Deepu Kumar, Pardeep Kumar and Mukesh Kumar
Residual strain engineering in seed layer assisted Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layer

Materials Today Communications(2022)

64) Shivani, Damanpreet Kaur, Anupam Ghosh and Mukesh Kumar
A strategic review on gallium oxide based power electronics: Recent progress and future prospects
Materials Today Communications(2022)

63)  Damanpreet Kaur, Rakhi, Pargam Vashishtha, Govind Gupta, Subhendu Sarkar and Mukesh Kumar

Surface nanopatterning of amorphous gallium oxide thin film for enhanced solar-blind photodetection
Nanotechnology (2022)

62) Nisika, Anupam Ghosh, Damanpreet Kaur, Kulwinder Kaur, Manoj K. Yadav, Ankush Bag and Mukesh Kumar
Interface Engineering of CZTS/TiO2 Heterojunction using Wide-Bandgap Ga2O3 Passivation Interlayer for Efficient Charge Extraction
Physica Status Solidi A (2022)

“Selected as cover page of the issue”

61) Abhay V. Agrawal, Naveen Kumar, Deepu Kumar, Shubhendra K. Jain, Govind Gupta, Pradeep Kumar and Mukesh Kumar
Low-voltage, self-powered and broadband photodetector with Ohmic, transparent and cost-effective AZO electrodes on vertical aligned MoS2 flakes
Surfaces and Interfaces (2022)

60) Riya Wadhwa, Anupam Ghosh,  Deepu Kumar,  Pradeep Kumar , and Mukesh Kumar
Platinum nanoparticle sensitized plasmonic-enhanced broad spectral photodetection in large area vertical-aligned MoS2 flakes
Nanotechnology (2022)

YEAR 2021

59) Nisika, Anupam Ghosh, Kulwinder Kaur, Raja Sekhar Bobba, Quinn Qiao, and Mukesh Kumar
Engineering Cu2ZnSnS4 grain boundaries for enhanced photovoltage generation at the Cu2ZnSnS4/TiO2 heterojunction: A nanoscale investigation using Kelvin probe force microscopy
Journal of Applied Physics (2021)

“Selected as cover page of the issue”

58) Riya Wadhwa, A.V. Agrawal and Mukesh Kumar
A strategic review of recent progress, prospects and challenges of MoS2-based photodetectors
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2021)

57) Riya Wadhwa, A.V. Agrawal, Dushyant Kushavah, Aamir Mushtaq, S.K. Pal and Mukesh Kumar
Investigation of charge transport and band alignment of MoS2-ReS2 heterointerface for high performance and self-driven broadband photodetection
Applied Surface Science (2021)

56) Vishal Kumar, Nisika, and Mukesh Kumar
Temporal-spatial-energy resolved advance multidimensional techniques to probe photovoltaic materials from atomistic viewpoint for next-generation energy solutions
Energy & Environmental Science (2021)

55) Kulwinder Kaur, Anupam Ghosh, Nisika, and Mukesh Kumar
Strain modulation for enhancing Cu–Zn ordering in CZTS absorber layer using seed layer assisted growth for efficient carrier transport
Applied Physics Letters (2021)

54) Kanika Arora, Kulwinder Kaur, and Mukesh Kumar
Superflexible, Self-Biased, High-Voltage-Stable, and Seal-Packed Office-Paper Based Gallium-Oxide Photodetector
ACS Applied Electronic Materials (2021)

53) Abhay V. Agrawal, Robert Lemasters, Chentao Li, Ali Mojibpour, Palash Bharadwaj, Hayk Harutyunyan, and Mukesh Kumar
Comparison of enhanced second harmonic generation in pyramid-like in-plane MoS2 flakes to vertically aligned MoS2 flakes
Journal of Applied Physics (2021)

52) Damanpreet Kaur and Mukesh Kumar
A Strategic Review on Gallium Oxide Based Deep‐Ultraviolet Photodetectors: Recent Progress and Future Prospects
Advanced Optical Materials (2021)


51) Nisika, Kulwinder Kaur, Manoj K. Yadav, Ankush Bag, and Mukesh Kumar  
Suppression of interfacial oxygen vacancies for efficient charge extraction at CZTS/TiO2 heterojunction
Applied Physics Letters (2021) 

50) Kanika Arora, Naveen Kumar, Pargam Vashishtha, Govind Gupta, and Mukesh Kumar
Investigating the role of oxygen and related defects for the self-biased and moderate-biased performance of β-Ga2O3 solar-blind photodetector
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2021)


49) Abhay V. Agrawal, Naveen Kumar and Mukesh Kumar
Strategy and Future Prospects to Develop Room-Temperature-Recoverable NO2 Gas Sensor Based on Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide
Nano-Micro Letters (2021)

YEAR 2020

48) Vishal Kumar, Nisika, and Mukesh Kumar
Modified Absorption and Emission Properties Leading to Intriguing Applications in Plasmonic–Excitonic Nanostructures
Advanced Optical Materials (2020)


47) Nisika, Kulwinder Kaur and Mukesh Kumar
Progress and prospects of CZTSSe/CdS interface engineering to combat high open-circuit voltage deficit of kesterite photovoltaics: a critical review
Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2020)!divAbstract

46) Kulwinder Kaur, Nisika, Ashraful Haider Chowdhury, Qiquan Qiao, and Mukesh Kumar
Nanoscale charge transport and local surface potential distribution to probe the defect passivation in Cr-substituted earth-abundant CZTS absorber layer
Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)


45) Damanpreet Kaur, Pargam Vashishtha, Saif Ahmad Khan, Pawan K. Kulriya, Govind Gupta and Mukesh Kumar
Phase dependent radiation hardness and performance analysis of amorphous and polycrystalline Ga2O3 solar-blind photodetector against swift heavy ion irradiation
Journal of Applied Physics (2020)


44) Kanika Arora and Mukesh Kumar
Sputtered-Growth of High-Temperature Seed-Layer Assisted β-Ga2O3 Thin Film on Silicon-Substrate for Cost-Effective Solar-Blind Photodetector Application
ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (2020) 

43) Kanika Arora, D. P. Singh, P. Fischer, and Mukesh Kumar
Spectrally Selective and Highly Sensitive UV Photodetection with UV-A, C Band Specific Polarity Switching in Silver Plasmonic Nanoparticle Enhanced Gallium Oxide Thin-Film
Advanced Optical Materials (2020)


42) Abhay V. Agrawal, Kulwinder Kaur, Mukesh Kumar
Interfacial study of vertically aligned n-type MoS2 flakes heterojunction with p-type Cu-Zn-Sn-S for self-powered, fast, and high-performance broadband photodetector
Applied Surface Science (2020)

41) Naveen Kumar, A. H. Chowdhury, B. Bahrami, M. R.  Khan, Q. Qiao and Mukesh Kumar
Origin of enhanced carrier mobility and electrical conductivity in seed-layer assisted sputtered grown Al-doped ZnO thin films
Thin Solid Films (2020)

40) Abhay V. Agrawal, R. Kumar, G. Yang, J. Bao, M. Kumar, Mukesh Kumar
Enhanced adsorption sites in monolayer MoS2 pyramid structures for highly sensitive and fast hydrogen sensor
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2020)

YEAR 2019

39)  Nisika, Kulwinder Kaur, Kanika Arora, Ashraful Haider Chowdhury, Behzad Bahrami, Qiquan Qiao, and Mukesh Kumar
Energy level alignment and nanoscale investigation of a-TiO2/Cu-Zn-Sn-S interface for alternative electron transport layer in earth-abundant Cu-Zn-Sn-S solar cells
Journal of Applied Physics (2019)


38) Abhay V Agrawal and Mukesh Kumar
Enhance the near-infrared performance of n-type vertically aligned MoS2 flakes photodetector with active p-type CZTS electrodes
Materials Research Express (2019)

37) Rahul Kumar, Neeraj Goel, Abhay Vivek Agrawal, Ramesh Raliya, Saravanan Rajamani, Govind Gupta, Pratim Biswas, Mukesh Kumar, and Mahesh Kumar
Boosting Sensing Performance of Vacancy-Containing Vertically Aligned MoS2 Using rGO Particles
IEEE Sensors Journal (2019)

36) Naveen Kumar, Kanika Arora, and Mukesh Kumar
High performance, flexible, and room temperature has grown amorphous Ga2O3 solar-blind photodetector with amorphous indium-zinc-oxide transparent conducting electrodes
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2019)

35) Naveen Kumar, Kanika Arora, and Mukesh Kumar
Role of oxygen and boron to control the duality behavior and thermal stability in Boron doped amorphous indium-zinc-oxide thin films
Semiconductor Science and Technology (2019)

34) Kulwinder Kaur, Kanika Arora, Bahrami Behzad, Qiquan Qiao, and Mukesh Kumar
Nanoscale Charge Transport and Local Surface Potential Distribution to Probe Defect Passivation in Ag Doped Cu2ZnSnS4 absorbing layer
Nanotechnology (2019)


YEAR 2018

33) Kanika Arora, Neeraj Goel, Mahesh Kumar, and Mukesh Kumar
Ultrahigh Performance of Self-Powered β-Ga2O3 Thin Film Solar-Blind Photodetector Grown on Cost-Effective Si Substrate Using High-Temperature Seed Layer
ACS Photonics (2018)


32) Abhay V Agrawal, Naveen Kumar, Swaminathan Venkatesan, Alex Zakhidov, Christopher Manspeaker, Zhuan Zhu, FC Robles Hernandez, Jiming Bao, Mukesh Kumar
Controlled Growth of MoS2 Flakes from in-Plane to Edge-Enriched 3D Network and Their Surface-Energy Studies
ACS Applied Nano Materials (2018)

31) Saravanan Rajamani, Kanika Arora, Anton Konakov, Alexey Belov, Dmitry Korolev, Alyona Nikolskaya, Alexey Mikhaylov, Sergey Surodin, Ruslan Kryukov, Dmitry Nikolitchev
Deep UV narrow-band photodetector based on ion beam synthesized indium oxide quantum dots in Al2O3 matrix
Nanotechnology (2018)

30) Abhay V. Agrawal, Rahul Kumar, Swaminathan Venkatesan, Alex Zakhidov, Guang Yang, Jiming Bao, Mahesh Kumar, and Mukesh Kumar
Photo-activated mixed in-plane and edge-enriched p-type MoS2 flakes based NO2 sensor working at Room temperature
ACS Sens., Just Accepted Manuscript

29) Saravanan Rajamani, Kanika Arora, Alexey Belov, Dmitriy Korolev, Alyona Nikolskaya, Yury Usov, Dmitry Pavlov, Alexey Mikhaylov, David Tetelbaum, Mukesh Kumar and Mahesh Kumar
Enhanced Solar-blind Photodetection Performance of Encapsulated Ga2O3 Nanocrystals in Al2O3 Matrix
IEEE Sensors (2018)

28) Kulwinder Kaur, Mohit Sood, Naveen Kumar, Heydar Honaryar Nazari, Ganesh Sainadh Gudavalli, Tara P. Dhakal, and Mukesh Kumar
A critical role of Zn/Sn ratio to enhance Cu-Zn-Sn-S solar cell efficiency by suppressing detrimental Cu2-xS secondary phase
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2018)


27) Naveen Kumar, Ashish Dubey, Behzad Bahrami, S. Venkatesan, Qiquan Qiao, Mukesh Kumar
Origin of high carrier mobility and low residual stress in RF superimposed DC sputtered Al-doped ZnO thin film for next-generation flexible devices
Applied Surface Science (2018)

YEAR 2017

26) A. V. Agarwal, R. Kumar, S. Venkatesan, A. Zakhidov, Z. Zhu, J. Bao, Mahesh Kumar, and Mukesh Kumar
Fast detection and low power hydrogen sensor using edge-oriented vertically aligned 3-D network of MoS2 flakes at room temperature
Applied Physics Letters (2017)

25) Kulwinder Kaur, Naveen Kumar, and Mukesh Kumar
Strategic review of interface carrier recombination in earth-abundant Cu–Zn–Sn–S–Se solar cells: current challenges and future prospects
Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2017)


YEAR 2016

24) P.F. Ndione, A. Zakutayev, Mukesh Kumar, C.E. Packard, J. J. Berry, J. D. Perkins, and D. S. Ginley
Tuning the physical properties of amorphous In–Zn–Sn–O thin films using combinatorial sputtering
MRS Communications (2016)

23) A. Dubey, N. Kantack, N. Adhikari, K. M. Reza, S. Venkatesan, Mukesh Kumar, D. Khatiwada, S. Darling and Q. Qiao
Room temperature, air crystallized perovskite film for high-performance solar cells
J. Mater. Chem. A  (2016)

22) Naveen Kumar, T. M. Wilkinson, C. E. Packard, Mukesh Kumar
Design of low surface roughness-low residual stress-high optoelectronic merit a-IZO thin films for flexible OLEDs
Journal of Applied Physics (2016)

21) A. Dubey, N. Adhikari, S. Venkatesan, S. Gu, D. Khatiwada, Q. Wang, L. Mohammad, Mukesh Kumar, Q. Qiao
Shelf life stability comparison in the air for solution-processed pristine PDPP3T polymer and doped spiro-OMeTAD as a hole transport layer for perovskite solar cell
Data in Brief, 2016, 7, 139

YEAR 2015

20) Mukesh Kumar, A. Dubey, N. Adhikari, S. Venkatesan and Q. Qiao
Strategic review of secondary phases, defects, and defect-complexes in kesterite CZTS–Se solar cells
Energy & Environmental Science, 2015, 8, 3134

19) Mukesh Kumar, A. Dubey, K. Mamun Reza, N. Adhikari, Q. Qiao and V.Bommisetty
Origin of photogenerated carrier recombination at the metal–active layer interface in polymer solar cells
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015, 17, 27690

18) A.Dubey, N. Adhikari, S. Venkatesan, S. Gu, D. Khatiwada, Q. Wang, L. Mohammad, Mukesh Kumar, Q. Qiao
Solution-processed pristine PDPP3T polymer as a hole transport layer for efficient perovskite solar cells with slower degradation
Solar Energy Materials Solar cells, 2015, 145, 193

17) N. Adhikari,A. Dubey,D. Khatiwada,A. F. Mitul,Q. Wang,S. Venkatesan,A. Iefanova,J. Zai,X. Qian,Mukesh Kumar and QiquanQiao
Interfacial Study To Suppress Charge Carrier Recombination for High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells
ACS Applied Surface & Interface, 2015, 7, 26445

YEAR 2014

16) D. R. Diercks, M. Musselman, A. Morgenstern, T. Wilson, Mukesh Kumar, K. Smith, M. Kawase, B. P. Gorman, M. Eberhart, and C. E. Packard
Evidence for Anisotropic Mechanical Behavior and Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneity in Cycled LiCoO2
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2014, 161, F3039

YEAR 2013

15) Mukesh Kumar, T. Gennett, J. J. Berry, J. D. Perkins, D. S. Ginley and C. E. Packard
Optimized low residual stress and high electrical conductivity in amorphous indium zinc oxide films
Appl. Surf. Sci.2013, 283, 65

14) P. Dutta, Mukesh Kumar, Monika Rathi, S. P. Ahrenkiel, S. Paul, D. Galipeau, and V. Bommisetty
Mechanism of the enhancement of electrical conductivity of nanocrystalline silicon due to hydrogen plasma treatment
J. NanoSci. Nanotech. (Accepted, April 26, 2013)

YEAR 2012

13) Ashish Karn, Mukesh Kumar, V N Singh, B R Mehta, S Aravindan, and J P Singh
Growth of indium oxide and zinc doped indium oxide nanostructures
Chem. Vap. Deposition, 2012, 18, 295

12) Mukesh Kumar, Pavel Dutta and Venkat Bommisetty
Enhanced Open Circuit Voltage in Aluminum Confined Post-Annealing of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells under Electric Field
Mater. Res. Sco. Symp. Proc.2012, 1390

11) P. Dutta, Mukesh Kumar, M. Rathi, P. Ahrenkiel, D. Galipeau, V. Bommisetty
Effect of active layer morphology on recombination mechanism in polymer: fullerene organic bulk heterojunction solar cells
Mater. Res. Sco. Symp. Proc.2012, 1390

10) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, B. R. Mehta, N. Koratkar and J. P. Singh
Electron beam induced real-time rocket-type propulsion effect in indium metal filled indium oxide nanotubes
Materials Letter 2012, 68, 47

9) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, B. R. Mehta, and J. P. Singh
Tunable growth of indium oxide from nanoflute to indium filled nanotubes
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2012, 116, 5450

YEAR 2011

8) P. Dutta, Y. Xie, Mukesh Kumar, M. Rathi, Phil Ahrenkiel, D.Galipeau, Q.Qiao and V.Bommisetty
Connecting Physical Properties of Spin-Casting Solvents with Morphology, Nanoscale Charge Transport, and device Performance of Poly(3-hexyl thiophene): Phenyl-C61-Butyric Acid Ester Methyl Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
J. Photon. Energy 2011, 1, 11124

YEAR 2010

7) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, J. P. Singh and B. R. Mehta
Retardation of liquid indium flow in indium oxide nanotubes
Journal of Physics Chemistry C, 2010, 114, 2891

6) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, J. P. Singh and B. R. Mehta
The role of stoichiometry of indium and oxygen on gas sensing properties of indium oxide nanostructures
Applied Physics Letter 2010, 96, 123114

YEAR 2009

5) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, B. R. Mehta, and J. P. Singh
Tunable synthesis of indium oxide octahedrons, nanowires, and tubular Nancarrow structures under oxidizing and reducing ambient
Nanotechnology 2009, 20, 235608

4) Mukesh Kumar, R. Chatterjee, S. Milikisiyants, A. Kanjilal, M. Voelskow, D. Grambole, K. V. Lakshmi and J. P. Singh
Investigating the role of hydrogen in indium oxide tubular nanostructures as a donor or oxygen vacancy passivation center
Applied PhysicsLetters 2009, 95, 13102

YEAR 2008

3) Mukesh Kumar, V. N. Singh, F. Singh, K. V. Lakshmi, B. R. Mehta and J. P. Singh
On the origin of photoluminescence in indium oxide octahedron structures
Applied Physics Letters 2008, 92, 171907

2) Mukesh Kumar, P. G. Ganesan, V. N. Singh, B. R. Mehta and J. P. Singh
Nanoparticle formation by swift heavy ion irradiation of indium oxide thin film
Nanotechnology, 2008, 19, 175606

1) A. M. Munshi, V. N. Singh, Mukesh Kumar and J. P. Singh
Effect of nanoparticle size on sessile droplet contact angle
Journal of Applied Physics2008, 103, 084315

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