Hall measurement

  • ezHEMS Nano magnetic Hall measurement

  • Magnetic field 1T

  • Low temperature IV measurement

PVE300 EQE/IQE response

  • Optimized tunable light source

  • Spectral range 250 nm-1100 nm

  • Measure single and multi-junction architectures

Keithley 6430

  • Two and four probe IV measurement

  • Highly sensitive to low range current (pA)

Combinatorial sputtering system

  • High throughput combinatorial growth

  • Translational and rotational movement of sample stage

  • Equipped with heater (up to 700℃)

  • RF/DC power supply

Dual chamber sputtering unit

  • Ease to provide multi layer structure

  • Transfer of samples from one to other chamber without exposing to environment

  • Equipped with heater (up to 700℃)

  • RF/DC power supply

Chemical vapor deposition

  • Three zone quartz tube furnace

  • Temperature range up to 1100℃

  • Preheater installed