About FREM Group

Functional and renewable energy material laboratory (FREM lab) was established in 2014 in IIT Ropar. It has been started working efficiently in the field of developing materials that could effectively contribute to energy harvesting, high performance optoelectronic devices and gas sensing applications, since then. We are equipped with state of art research facilities like dual chamber sputtering unit, combinatorial sputtering unit, chemical vapor deposition, hall measurement, EQE-IQE measurement and AM1.5 solar simulator. These state of art techniques under one roof provide opportunity to explore new emerging materials in the field of clean energy and optoelectronic devices.

The group is lead by Prof. Mukesh Kumar. We are working on the multidisciplinary approach involving the expertise in Chemistry, Bio-medical engineering, Materials science and engineering and Electrical engineering. The main focus of our research is to develop functional materials for gas sensing applications, renewable energy materials like cost effective and earth abundant solar cells and highly sensitive wavelength selective Photodetectors. Other area of our research covers the growth of indium free TCO’s for different applications of semiconductor devices.We have a dedicated team of postgraduate and undergraduate students who are working efficiently in their respective research areas. Synergism of the group leads to valuable outcomes that motivate everyone to explore the new possibilities in the field of research.

Recent Publications

“Energy level alignment and nanoscale investigation of a-TiO2/Cu-Zn-Sn-S interface for alternative electron transport layer in earth abundant Cu-Zn-Sn-S solar cells”
Journal of Applied Physics Read more

“Enhance near infrared performance of n-type vertically aligned MoS2 flakes photodetector with active p-type CZTS electrodes” Materials Research Express Read more

“Boosting Sensing Performance of Vacancy-Containing Vertically Aligned MoS2 Using rGO Particles” IEEE Sensors Journal Read more


Congratulations to Dr. Naveen Kumar for receiving his Phd degree at the 8th Convocation.

Ms. Kanika Arora wins the Best Poster Award at the 4th Physics Day organised by Department of Physics, IIT Ropar.